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We work with established agencies, labels and organizations, as well as young talents and startups.
Jerry Hansen Actor

We can film your project whether it is a commercial advertise, a short film or a document film. We have expertise in these fields.
Some workshops have invited us to come lecturing. We also offer private tuitions for absolute beginners or mid-level producers who need more advice.
Equipment hire
Sometimes we don’t use our equipment so you can hire them for your filming. Check our schedule and contact if it suits your time.


A selection of some recent awards

Since 2008, I have shot more than 50 short formats (commercials, music videos, documentaries and short movies). In 2014 I finished the masterclass in cinematography at Hamburg Media School. Now freelancing as cinematographer.

06 Awards in 2014/2015.
These awards are both national and international in 2014/2015
04 Awards in 2016
These awards are both national and international in 2016

Our Best Films

Featured Films

Have a look at our best films which are high in quality and receive positive responses
from audience. You are gonna have these great films as well.

In our new film The Secret Scripture, based on the novel by Sebastian Barry, the six-time Oscar nominated director returns to themes familiar to him: politics, religion, family and truth. Vanessa Redgrave stars as Rose McNulty, a woman
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The Tribeca Film Festival kicked off on April 14 with the opening night premiere of Justin Tipping’s Kicks, an ambitious coming-of-age film set in an inner city enclave in Northern California. Though it’s Tipping’s feature debut, he’s far
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Raising Bertie follows three young men over the course of five years as they grow into adulthood in Bertie County, a rural African-American-led community in North Carolina. Director Margaret Byrne had originally set out to make
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Met our team

Who We Are

We are a team of different artistic and skilled film producers who have the same
aim of producing the best films to the beloved audience.